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Fresh Potato Chips at Twist n Fizz

When I was growing up, I ate potato chips like there was no tomorrow. As I got a bit older and more mature though, I came to realize that potato chips was a processed food, and consuming them every single day wouldn’t bode well for my long term health. I began working out, ate healthy by avoiding carbs when I can.

Tato Stix

Tato Stix

And then came Twist n Fizz. Twist n Fizz is the brainchild of a close friend of mine, Keilah Rodriguez. They opened their first branch on the basement floor of the Gaisano Mall of Davao. Twist n Fizz offers tasty and delicious potato chips made only from choice, hand-picked potatoes fresh from the garden. This means that I can go back to eating potato chips, albeit not as often as before, without worrying about eating anything artificial. Twist n Fizz’ Tato Stix is not just healthy but also budget friendly! For only PHP39.00 you can now enjoy their Tato Stix and other products at modest prices.
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Carte Blanche: Electric Music Carnival

Carte Blanche 2014 Poster

Watch out people! Davao City’s biggest rave party, Carte Blanche: Electric Music Carnival, is returning to drive us wild for the second time around! Expect a bigger crowd, better music and brighter lights to set the stage for an unforgettable night of partying!

Carte Blanche’s gates will open at 2PM. The music will also start at the same time.

Tickets are now available at the following locations: Nike Athletic Club branches (Abreeza Ayala Mall, GMall Davao and SM City Davao Annex) and Sneaker Club (Abreeza Ayala Mall). Regular Carte Blance tickets are priced at P2,000 (Full Madness), P800 (SVIP), P400 (VIP), P150 (GA).

Ticket Details:
Regular Carte Blance tickets are priced at:

P2,000 for a Full Madness Ticket (limited capacity) inclusive of Full Madness Kit:

  • sound activated wristbands
  • booklet
  • ticket
  • stickers
  • elevated area
  • unlimited drinks
  • unlimited carnival rides
  • access to all Full Madness, SVIP, VIP, and GA areas

P800 for an SVIP ticket inclusive of:

  • 1 free drink
  • a Vinyl neon wristband
  • access to SVIP, VIP, and GA areas

P400 for a VIP ticket with access to VIP and GA areas

P150 for a GA ticket.

This is how the venue would look like during the event. Please carefully choose what ticket suits you! Every ticket has its corresponding area.
Festival Map

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The White House Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

The White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge is a fine dining restaurant located at Camella Northpoint, J.P. Laurel Ave in Davao City. Its ambiance is unique because the restaurant was originally an old house from the 1960’s that was restored by its new owners.  Price range is high but appropriate with the quality of food you will be getting. They have different cuisines for you to choose from that would surely please everybody’s taste buds!

Being a meat lover is not easy. I seldom eat vegetables and I’m very particular with the food that I eat. When it comes to meat, it has to be cooked and prepared with perfection.

I really loved White House’s delectable Black Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank. The meat is soft and juicy. The sauce is savory. Ugggh I just can’t help myself but every time I remember the Lamb, it makes me hungry to death!

Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank

Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank

Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank

Akadashi Braised Lamb Shank

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Dampa Davao

Dampa Davao is one of the newest restaurants in Davao that offers a different concept. Located at Tionko Street, Dampa Davao* is easy to find. Customers get to point and choose from the fresh seafood display and have it cooked right in front of them. They also have a menu with lots of food to choose from.
*Click the link to see location and other details.

Ironically, I liked the Ginataang Hito. Even though I really don’t appreciate coconut milk, this Ginataang Hito changed all of that. The sauce is creamy and the meat of the catfish was fresh and didn’t have the usual fishy smell or taste.

Ginataang HIto

Ginataang HIto

I also liked the Shrimp in Sizzling plate. It’s like Gambas but with a sweeter sauce this time.

Sizzling Shrimp

Sizzling Shrimp

And a lot more…
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Sinulog 2014

Sinulog is one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines. It has been practiced for over centuries since the Spanish times. Now Sinulog has transformed into a huge rave party that party animals like me should never miss.

photo courtesy of: Spectrum Experience

photo courtesy of: Spectrum Experience



I wasn’t able to attend Sinulog in 2013, so a few months before the 2014 event, I booked a flight for January 17-20,2014 even though it cost me an arm and a leg. I was so stoked about it that I counted the months and days until that day — January 17th — arrived. Getting there was a little underwhelming though. Our flight was delayed and we arrived in Cebu with no metered taxicabs at the airport in sight. We later found out that we had to fall in line and wait at least half an hour at the departure area located a floor above where we were. Time is gold so we decided to take an airport cab for which we paid double to that of the regular metered rate.



At approximately 10:00pm we finally arrived at our hotel, the Tsai Residences. Their Sinulog rate was Php3,750, about double their regular rate of Php1,800. According to our friends, hotels normally jack up their rates that high during Sinulog season. As soon as I saw our room, I got into the shower to freshen up then took a few shots of the Jack Daniel’s (JD) that I brought from Davao. Catching a cab was not a problem this time as there were a lot of them passing by Tsai Residences. So off I went to Life Dance!



Life Dance, for me, is Sinulog’s culminating event. Set at the Cebu Boardwalk, it’s a huge outdoor rave party attended by thousands of people from all over the world.

When I got to the venue, my friends were already inside. They had VVIP tickets (VVIP: PHP3,500.00, VIP: PHP2,500.00, GEN. AD.: PHP1,000.00) and me? I had nothing. I waited for 2 long hours outside the venue, listening to the music and the wild crowd. I bumped into Champ, a good friend of mine who was previously based in Cebu, and asked if he could help me get inside for free. Unfortunately, security was super strict so again I was forced to wait outside. Thereafter, I came to my senses and decided to buy a GA ticket at the gate and got in. The GA area was so vast and thousands upon thousands of people were dancing like crazy. The VIP and VVIP areas were fenced at the elevated part at the back. I kept texting and looking for Jico, a fellow Davaoeño who was also there, but ended not seeing him at all what with the sheer madness that was going on. I moved toward the left most part of the place and saw my friends whom I was supposed to be with in the VIP area, and eyed Champ and his group lingering nearby. They coaxed me to jump over the barricade, but initially I was too chicken. After much prodding I grabbed a chair and got myself over it and became an instant VIP guest hahahaha! Champ and his friends threw some booze at me. Eventually I joined Krizha, another Davaoeña, and met her group of friends from Manila. With all these excellent people around, getting into mood to party was easy and I felt in the zone to do all my dance moves. Music was great as expected. The organizers brought International DJ’s who were among the top 100 in the world. The crowd was epic and everyone just loved to party. We stayed there until 5:00am then decided to continue drinking at the Waterfront Hotel where John and Anton are staying. They bought bottles of Red Horse and an Emperador Light (EmpeLight). At 8:30am I went back to Chai hotel to recharge myself in preparation for Saturday’s activities.

With Krizha and a Friendly Party Girl (stranger)

With Krizha and a Friendly Party Girl (stranger)

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A Quick Trip to Cebu

I’ve been to Cebu for couple of times already, but not to stay and tour the whole island, but to wait for my next flight inside the Mactan-Cebu International Airport. My last trip to Cebu was totally a new thing, I stayed for three days and two nights, yehey! 😀

My friend, Krizha Mivida, has been inviting me to visit her in Cebu. As a student, it’s not that easy to travel every now and then, considering my schedule in school and of course, the money I will be spending the whole trip. So days after I had my 8-hour stop over in Cebu, I was desperate to go back there and really explore Cebu.

Together with my travel buddy, Andrew dela Serna of yeahdrew.com, we went to Cebu last November 1-3, 2013. We took an early flight with Cebu Pacific and gladly, we arrived safe and ahead of our expected time of arrival. When we arrived, we went straight to our hotel, Alba Uno Hotel, where we had our room reservation just a few hours before our flight. The hotel was just a 3-minute walk away from IT Park, where we could easily eat if we’re hungry any time of the day and find other establishments.

We had our lunch at Kul Kitchen, a budget-friendly restaurant at Skyrise 2, IT Park. We had the Chicken Oriental and Mushroomed Beef. Both dishes were served on sizzling plates and simmering in their own sauce. The Mushroomed Beef was creamy and the meat was tender. I liked the Chicken Oriental but the sauce was a bit sour for me. Overall, their food is still good for a budget restaurant.
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